Are you heading to Rapid City and are looking for activities to enjoy as a family during your stay? Or are you just interested in seeing how Black Hills Gold jewelry is made?  You now can with one of our free factory tours! There are many fun attractions in Rapid City, and one of them is the Black Hills Gold factory tour. Consider bringing your family along for an enjoyable and educational experience. This is the ideal activity for groups of family members and friends, and is even just as thrilling when experienced individually.

During your tour, you’ll learn about the fascinating and intricate process with which we craft our much sought-after gold and diamond jewelry, including our Black Hills Gold rings, bracelet, necklace, and watches. 

Black Hills Gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and more are intricately designed and created using unique and intricate methods, and during the tour, you will get to see first hand how we cast the diamonds in molten gold, using a lost-wax casting method; you’ll get to watch us as we intricately and precisely cut a diamond; and you’ll be able to see the process of alloying gold and precious metals to produce our iconic light pink, green, and yellow colors. Not only will you experience an enjoyable family or group activity, but you will learn the process in which beautiful and historic jewelry is made. Getting to experience the design and manufacturing processes of our jewelry will inspire you and fill you with appreciation toward a delicate, complex, and intriguing art form.

Experience The Art Of Black Hills Gold Jewelry Making Up Close & Personally:

  • See up close and personal how we perform lost-wax casting and cast our diamonds in molten gold;
  • Watch us execute the act of diamond cutting with such precision, it makes cutting the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth look easy;
  • Learn how we produce our iconic pink, green, and yellow grape leaf design by alloying the gold with other precious metals.

Here at Black Hills Gold, we’re passionate about our art and thoroughly enjoy sharing our knowledge and process with our visitors. With so much history and heritage mixed into the jewelry pieces we create, we are proud to offer an interactive, engaging attraction for tourists as well as locals to enjoy at their leisure. Whether you’ve been living the Rapid City for a while and are simply curious as to how our jewelry is created, or if you’re visiting the area for work or pleasure, take the time to sign up for a factory tour. We have group tour options if you’re coming with multiple people, or you can easily enjoy a tour on your own.

Bring along your family, friends, significant other, or just come alone. While you’re with us, enjoy our fresh, delicious coffee and cookies, which are located in the sitting area next to our showroom. Visit us soon we’d love to see you. Our tour times are listed below.

Store Hours
Monday through Friday






Tour Times 

Monday through Friday 
9:00AM, 10:00AM, 11:00AM, 1:00PM, 2:00PM, 3:00PM

Please allow 90 minutes for your group’s stay, as tours may run over the allotted time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.