Welcome to Black Hills Gold in Rapid City! We are happy you have found your way to our blog. It will be here that you will learn about our jewelry company through Riddle’s Jewelry, our unique and intricate jewelry designs, and how gold and gold jewelry has shaped South Dakota since the 17th century. Whether you’re looking for a simple, yet distinct jewelry piece, like a gold bracelet, a dainty ring, or even a statement watch, or you’re looking for a noteworthy engagement ring featuring our iconic gold leaf design, you’ll find what you’re looking for, and so much more, when you shop Black Hills Gold jewelry.

  1. Our Watch And Jewelry Repair Services

    Jewelry is an investment. When you choose to spend a fair amount of money on a piece of jewelry, you’re making a subconscious statement to yourself, promising to care for, maintain, and repair it in the way that it needs. Part of the responsibility of owning fine jewelry is knowing how to take car…Read More