We’ve said this before, and we’ll probably continue to say it for years to come — we are proud of how we design and manufacture all pieces of jewelry here at Black Hills Gold. Designed using only the highest quality of gold and detailed with intricate green and pink leaf designs, each item of jewelry, whether that be an engagement ring, a pendant, or even a watch, is created with the utmost attention to detail. Our passion for carrying on the art, heritage, and history of our community is what sets Black Hills Gold jewelry apart from the rest.

Whether you’re looking for a unique and breathtaking engagement ring, a cross or heart pendant, a simple gold bracelet, or a luxury watch, you can trust that each and every item you select from our collection will have been designed and manufactured with quality and precision in the forefront of the craftsman or craftswoman’s mind. When you choose the purchase a piece of Black Hills Gold jewelry, you are making the decision to invest in quality, intricacy, and beauty.

We’re passionate about the art that we aim to translate into each and every one of our jewelry designs, and we absolutely love sharing the process with those who are interested. As part of the Black Hills Gold factory in Rapid City, South Dakota, we offer tours of our facilities to our visitors. It is during this tour that our guests will learn more about the origin of Black Hills Gold jewelry, as well as the process we take to create our exquisite items. Are you interested in learning more? Then take one of our factory tours.

What You Will Learn On A Black Hills Gold Jewelry Factory

During your tour session, you will get the learn all about the process in which we craft our sought-after gold and diamond jewelry, from start to finish. Wondering how a simple gold bangle is designed and produced? Interested in seeing the process behind designing an engagement ring? Want to see how we create and incorporate our iconic green and gold leaf designs onto all of our jewelry? This is what you’ll experience when you take a tour of our factory, as well as so much more:

  • You will see up close and personal the way in which we perform lost-wax casting to cast our delicate diamonds into molten gold;
  • You will have the opportunity to watch us diamond cut with such a distinct precision that it makes cutting the hardest naturally-occurring substance on Earth look like an effortless task;
  • You will be educated on how we design and produce the pink, green, and yellow grape leaf designs on all our jewelry pieces. We do this by alloying gold, silver, and copper.

Sign Up For A Group Tour

Are you coming to town with a large group of friends and family, and are looking for a fun, enjoyable, and educational activity for everyone to appreciate? Then you’re going to love our group factory tour option! With a guided tour, you and your party will experience and explore the history and heritage of Black Hills Gold jewelry, as well as the sophisticated art form in which we intricately design each piece. This activity is great for groups of friends, family, bachelorette parties, and even corporate groups.

In addition to the factory tour itself, we offer the following services to accommodate to our large groups of guests:

  • Fresh coffee and cookies available in our sitting area;
  • Greetings on the coach, in order to start your factory tour off on the right note;
  • Black Hills Gold jewelry shopping in our conveniently located outlet store;
  • Video presentations offered during non-factory hours in our facility;
  • Discounted products for large groups of visitors.

If you’re in the Rapid City area and are looking for a fun, enjoyable, and educational activity for the entire family to enjoy, consider signing up for a factory tour to learn all about Black Hills Gold jewelry. Find out more about our group factory tours here and what you can expect during your experience at our factory. This is a great option for everyone in your party to enjoy when you are visiting the Rapid City region in South Dakota. Contact us today to sign up for a tour to learn more about the art, history, and heritage behind our fine jewelry.