We’re on the brink of the holiday season. November is in full swing, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas is not that far behind it. Perhaps you’re the type of person who thinks about what Christmas gifts you’re going to give your loved ones months before December, or perhaps gift giving doesn’t cross your mind until the week before. Either way, we know that you will have no problem finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones when you shop the Black Hills Gold jewelry line.

If you’re new to Black Hills Gold, we want to welcome you. Specializing in jewelry made from the gold found in the Black Hills mountain range of the North American Great Plains, our jewelry line is one-of-a-kind. Our dreamy necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, and more is set apart not only by the gold we use, but by the pink and green leaf designs that are featured on almost every piece we offer. Whether you’re shopping for a unique gift to give your wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, mother, or even brother (yes, we have a Black Hills Gold men’s line too!), we are certain you will have no problem finding a piece of jewelry that will put a smile on their faces for years to come.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be providing you with a simple holiday gift guide for your mother. Mothers play an important role in your life, and what better time to share your appreciation for her than Christmas? If you’re already on the hunt for the perfect gift to wrap up and place under the tree for your mom, you’re in the right place. Continue reading to learn about your Black Hills Gold jewelry options for a breathtaking gift to give your mother this Christmas.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry To Gift Your Mother This Holiday Season

Heart Pendant

Show your love and appreciation for your mother with a beautiful heart-shaped locket that has “Mom” delicately engraved on the front. You can place a photo of the two of you inside it, or keep it empty for her to fill. Featured on these lockets are the pink and green leaf designs that Black Hills Gold jewelry is known for. Choose between a silver locket or a classic gold locket, depending on what your mother loves best. This is a gift that she will love and cherish for the rest of her life.

Cross Necklaces

Put a smile on your mother’s face this Christmas season by gifting her with a unique, breathtaking cross necklace from Black Hills Gold. Carrying meaning and sentiment, a cross necklace is a piece of jewelry that she will hold near and dear to her heart for years to come. The Black Hills Gold cross necklace selection is ample, and you are sure to find one that fits her style and personality. Stay simple with a classic gold cross with simple pink and green leaf designs, or add some sparkle and distinction with a cross necklace made from the iconic leaf designs that also features a sparkling ruby in the center. Whatever you choose, you are sure to find a piece that she will treasure.


Bracelets are an incredibly versatile piece of jewelry, and especially so when it is a Black Hills Gold bracelet. If you’re leaning more toward gifting your mother with a dainty bracelet, you will have no trouble finding one that will put a smile on her face. Does your mother prefer more simple, elegant jewelry pieces? Then she will love a simple gold chain bracelet that features a heart, cross, or fine leaf detailing. Do you think she will appreciate a bracelet that makes a statement? If so, she might fall in love with this antiqued bangle bracelet, or chunkier sterling silver bracelet with heart decals.


Perhaps you are wanting to take your gift giving to the next level, or perhaps you don’t think your mother will appreciate a necklace or bracelet as much as she would appreciate something else. If this is the case, it might be time to take a look at our collection of Black Hills Gold watches. Watches not only offer the same look and feel as a piece of fine jewelry, but they are also practical. The watches from the Black Hills Gold jewelry collection are distinct and timeless, while still featuring the light green and pink leaf designs that set our brand apart. From watches with classic gold bracelets to watches with leather bands, and so much more, you will have no trouble finding a watch that will fit on your mother’s wrist for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding our necklaces, bracelets, and watches, do no hesitate to contact us. Be sure to shop the Black Hills Gold jewelry collection today to find the perfect gift to give your mother this holiday season.