Do you know someone who loves horses? Maybe they have a prized horse of their own, or perhaps they dream of one day owning one. Either way, we all have that one friend or person in our life who is passionate about horses. Maybe shopping for them has been a bit difficult since, with such an enthusiasm for horses, they tend to gravitate toward accessories and jewelry featuring horse designs, and you don’t know where to find such pieces.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we know how important it is to find a meaningful gift to give your loved ones. In a recent blog post, we listed out some Black Hills Gold jewelry collections to shop for when looking for a Christmas gift to give your wife. Today we’re going to be piggybacking off of our last gift guide by providing you with some gift ideas for horse lovers. Whether it’s a close friend, a spouse, or a family member, you can rest easy knowing that the Black Hills Gold collection has some jewelry pieces featuring horse designs that are sure to please whoever is gifted with it. So continue reading to find some exquisite horse jewelry that your friend or loved one is sure to cherish for years to come.

Black Hills Gold Jewelry For Horse Lovers


Earrings are such an easy yet effective and meaningful gift to give. Whether it’s a close friend, a significant other, a family member, or even your mother, presenting someone close a pair of one-of-a-kind earrings is sure to elicit happiness, joy, and maybe even a misty eye. These Black Hills Gold horse earrings are incredibly unique and you won’t see anything like them anywhere else. Despite the name, these earrings are made from sterling silver, yet still feature Black Hills Gold iconic pink and green leaf design. The sterling silver allows the wearer to pair these earrings with any other kind of jewelry. For horse lovers, having a pair of designer earrings with horse decals is a once in a lifetime experience. Treat your friend or loved one to these horse earrings in sterling silver from Black Hills Gold today.


If you’re looking for a piece of horse jewelry that is a little more versatile than earrings, have you considered a horse necklace? Necklaces are a staple piece of jewelry that can be found in many people’s closets, men and women alike. For a horse lover, having a necklace that features an intricate horse design is significant and meaningful. The Black Hills Gold collection features a variety of horse necklaces, and includes pieces with a design of a full horse running; necklaces with a regal-looking horsehead; and horseshoe pendants. Take a look at our options to find a horse necklace perfect for your horse lover.


Like earrings and necklaces, rings are a simple and versatile piece of jewelry. Incorporate a delicate horse design onto it, and you’ve got yourself the best gift to give to your friend or family member who loves horses. Here at Black Hills Gold, we have horse and horseshoe rings that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones’ face. Treat your friend, family member, or loved one to this sterling silver ring that features not only a horseshoe design, but a horse head. The Black Hills Gold iconic pink and green leaf designs add a whimsical element to the piece. Find more rings with horse and horseshoe designs today.

Give The Gift Of Black Hills Gold Horse Jewelry

For horse lovers, having a piece of designer horse jewelry is incredibly meaningful. Treat your loved one to a ring, necklace, or pair of earrings featuring horse designs when you shop our collection at Black Hills Gold. Visit our collection today.